Offshore Oil Platform

There is a high demand for offshore oil platforms, due to an increase in the need for oil. Finding new oil reserves is becoming more important. As more off shore oil deposits are found more oil platforms are needed. Offshore platforms are constructed in oil rig yards. Then they are transported over the water, to their final destination. It was a practice developed in WWII and still used today. Oil rig yards need to meet the increased demand for offshore platforms. Skilled and experienced staff is an important factor in the quality of work. It also affects how fast offshore platforms can be prefabricated.
Oil platforms are some of the largest movable structures in the world. Building offshore oil platforms is a huge undertaking. The volume of equipment and raw material needed is vast. It is much easier to have one location to build oil platforms then to build them on site. It is simpler to have access to all areas of a platform on land then fight the sea. Oil rig yards need to have very specific equipment designed for the construction of platforms. By building onshore the equipment needed for construction is in one place. Workers are able to work on many platforms. This experience increases their skills. No need for the expense of shipping workers and equipment all over the place. There is less risk and expense involved when building on land. It is also easier to maintain quality control. In makes sense to build the offshore platform where it is easy to construct. It is simple to float the finished offshore platform to where the anchoring structure is built. Attach it to the anchoring structure and move people in. Start drilling and processing oil as soon as possible.
An oil rig yard must keep up with technology. As oil becomes harder to find new methods of accessing deposits are being created. This results in different designs for offshore oil platforms. The further out to sea the larger they become. The demand is for bigger, taller, better. Building platforms is a growing business, both in demand and designs.

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