Top Tips For Getting Offshore Jobs

Interest in offshore oil jobs and offshore gas jobs is increasing. The oil and gas industry has proved its resilience during the recent economic downturn and demonstrated its loyalty to its workforce by opting to freeze wages rather than streamline jobs. As a result, the emerging recovery is providing new opportunities for those looking for offshore jobs. However, with the increase in opportunity comes an increase in the competition. What is the best way to maximize your chances of being seen for an offshore job?

Which Job?
Firstly, consider which job suits your skills set. Roustabout jobs are perfect for those looking for a change in direction or for those who are just beginning in the employment market. Roustabout jobs require no formal qualifications and offer excellent rates of pay, along with the opportunity to see the world whilst living as part of a tight-knit community dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of an oil rig. However, if you are already skilled in certain aspects of the oil industry such as drilling, then you might want to try and climb the ladder, perhaps looking for offshore drilling jobs with more responsibility and increased earnings potential. In essence, the best policy is to do a little research about the type of job you think you are suitable for before applying. There is plenty of general information available on the Internet or you could even contact the Human Resources departments of the companies you are interested in working for directly, even if they are not advertising vacancies publicly. They can tell you of any vacancies that might be available and bring you up to date on the specific requirements for those posts.

Presentation is All
The first contact you have with the person who has the power to employ you is through your CV, so you must ensure that your CV creates the best first impression possible. As with most things, it's the details that count; ensuring that every aspect of your CV is perfectly presented can help your chances of getting an interview. Many companies accept CVs in email form, although you must be prepared to send a 'hard copy' - or CV printed on paper - to those who require it. In this event, you should consider using the services of a professional CV editor or use a computer with word processing software such as Microsoft Word. Not only does this allow you to choose your fonts, but there are also useful facilities, such as Spellchecker to ensure that all your spelling and grammar is correct. However your email is sent, it is important that your CV is concise and to the point. Employers are not hiring you for your opinions; they are only interested in your capabilities, skills, qualifications and, where relevant, your experience. Make sure that all your contact information is absolutely correct and that you are specific in other fields such as your employment history. There is no need to go into too much detail about your previous employment; you simply need to state your job title and perhaps list the responsibilities it entailed. If you are emailing your CV, you might first want to email it to a friend and get them to print it out to double check that it remains in the format you sent it. If you are sending a hard copy by post, then send it in a stiff backed A4 envelope, as folding a CV can cause ink to crack and smudge on the opposite surface.

The Next Step
If all goes well and you are called for an interview, then is the time to research your potential employer thoroughly. It is a positive sign if you appear interested and informed about the company you want to work for. The important thing to remember in any interview is that they are not trying to catch you out; employers simply want to assess your suitability for the job in hand.

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  2. There are hundreds of dynamic oil and gas jobs listed in many leading website these days. One can get the job as per their requirements in a vast number of locations and fields.Thanks for tips.


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