How to find job in offshore industry?

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Hi all,Gretting Offshore..Today i will share a bit of my ability in this article ,How to find job in Offshore Industry
My dear readers, the process is still same with the other industry job.Submit resume,interview,crony cable and more others. Substantively question is they do no where or which company are ineffective/offer of offshore job opportunity. Most of them only familiar with Shell, Petronas, Esso or... Fuel Station exactly.
Beneath it all are thousand and thousand company in the world mixed up with this Industries. You just visit JOB VACANCIES to find out the company directory.

From this directory you can found a various of company and a variety of job vacancy rest on your expediency. Submit your resume or make a phone call if perhap got are any vacancy (in this way is very standard and need a high luck to success ..hehe..)

So HOW? Alternatively
Step 1. Apply the position where is no need you to go offshore on this company.
Step 2. Create a network to you be acqainted with vendor and more personal from the other company, finding out more knowledge in offshore feild industry, migrat to more fine company and offer yourself to change over your position in your company to other position engage in Offshore related site.

And many more alternative such as find out the forum over the internet where they dicuss about offshore also open are forum in Bahasa Malaysia specially for dicussing of this has free...and use it completely



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