OFFSHORE JOB | Tips to Get Work in 'OFFSHORE'

INTRODUCING ABOUT OFFSHORE wish you all a Happy Gawai 2010 For all Dayak readers.

OFFSHORE JOB in its heydey right now, lot of people snactch away about this job opportunity. So, many have tried to apply for jobs in the industry
By request from most of this blog readers, here i wanna to sharing with you all a little tips to get work in OFFSHORE INDUSTRY

1. Find info on the web somewhere or the 'Moderate'. As we know, many people will visit Jobstreet and to 'search' job is in the market. Some people do not know there are many other websites that also offer longer work as Jobs.db, Jobseekers, and so on. So you can still place look at paper such like The Star, NST every Saturday. Over there is spaces have a job offer in 'offshore'. Alternatively, just type 'list of OIL and GAS company in Malaysia' in Googles, Yahoo and so on. Sometimes there is some company, have their own web site. Most of what I see, must have a section 'career'. So, you can apply there.

2. Works like a Detective. We always send our resume to rage without review to whom we send, we will resume in person to the right and bla bla. Find exactly address OIL and GAS company. We look at where the staff normally eat? Make friends with them. Survey who actually do the results in the recruit. You can also 'pass' your contact anyone who can recommend you. So, a lot of ways you can try. If you want more easily, you've friends who work in OIL and GAS recommend state.

3. Ensure prepare appropriate document / certificates related. 'OFFSHORE' oil rig is under the Act and maritime law. Make sure you have basic or basic on my things. There are some certificate or passport is required for you to keep track of foot platform where you rely rig jobs.Some also need you to have an Offshore Survival Certificate and probably a Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) Certificate along with it. If we want to be Welder, Welder skill certificate must be at least 6G or higher. People were afraid to see the certificate. The most important of all, we must be clear what our position tree. Do not put "any related posts or the like. Later you can work clean new toilets he..he . Working in the 'OFFSHORE' is not necessarily dependent on qualifications, age and so forth. It things like how we want to survive in the jungle. Everything depends on how quickly still place, how quickly can you short-circuit the usual job hunting and recruitment process? That is how quickly you will get yourself on board an oil rig.
Good luck.



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