Offshore Catering Positions on an Oil Rig

Working as a caterer on an offshore oil rig is a unique and fascinating way to make a living. It is an adventure that is experienced and lived by a very few people. You will find all kinds of opportunities for employment positions available in offshore oil rigs. Offshore catering jobs are one of the best jobs you will find in the offshore oil rigs because while they are hard work, you are not directly involved in the oil drilling process.
The excitement pervades the entire atmosphere, but you get to stay clean... or as clean as you can stay on an oil rig. Your quarters will be comfortable and on a par with a decent hotel room. The work hours can be long, but you are well compensated for the work that you do. In addition to this, your requirements for overtime are minimal for offshore catering jobs. That is unless there are a lot of drillers working overtime, in which case you're going to be feeding hungry men around the clock.
If you love to cook and you'd like to do something different with your cooking career, then maybe an offshore catering position is something you'd like to consider. There is more than just one position open to you in offshore oil rigs when you select the catering positions open to you on an offshore oil rig. 
The various positions in offshore catering and their pay are listed below for your convenience.
Camp Boss-bears the responsibility of taking care of all things catering. They may oversee the entire catering department and also help to order food items for the kitchen. Their salary will likely be between 55 and 60 thousand dollars per year. They will also help to oversee the staff of the kitchen as well as the stewards and cooks.
Head Cook or Chef-The salary for this position will be between 40,000 and 45,000 dollars per year. They will do the daily cooking as well as order the food supplies and report needs and problems to the camp boss.
Steward and/or Stewardess. Helping out in both kitchen and laundry, as well as cleaning the workers rooms will be the duties of these positions which are also included in the catering department. Compensation is generally about 30,000 dollars annually.
Baker and Night Chef- The bread is baked at night, not generally ordered from offshore since that is not cost effective. They will stay up at night and feed the night shift men, as well as bake for the next days meals. They are considered very important members of the offshore rig and will be paid about 45,000-50,000 dollars per year.
Offshore catering is a fun and interesting way to make your living. The hours may be long and the work is difficult but the life is certainly a unique one for a chef or cook. If you're interested in offshore cooking jobs or in being part of the team, there are multiple online venues to help you to seek out offshore catering jobs.
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