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Getting offshore job for new graduate is as simple as getting other job if you know the tips. I will share my experience how to face the process with you. Interviews process is the second step in getting offshore jobs where you will meet the potential employers after the first step that an applicant has successfully completed sending the application and passed the screening process of the company.

The offshore companies usually get the resumes of the candidates by several of sources such as news paper advertisement, campus fair, a referral from your senior or lecturer, or by a person who simply submitted an application by logging on the company website.

Here are tips that will help in having a successful offshore jobs interview for new graduate;

* Please remember when you are taking the phone call or any invitation method, please do not forget to get the company name, business involve, contact person, email address, and phone number.
* Some days before meeting the interviewer, it is strongly recommended to do some research about the company.
* You have to prepare for general question that usually being asked in the meeting such as: What is your strength point and weakness point, why you want to join this offshore company, how long you will be stay with the company, salary expectation, etc.
* Try to practice with friends or families member to mock up questions that the employer will likely ask so you do not choke during the real time.
* You have to arrive 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time to give you enough time to relax and to show to the employers that you are a punctual guy, as you know that offshore jobs needs punctual time and downtime for some minutes will cause the company loosing thousands of dollars.
* Bring an extra copy of the resume and other documents that are needed, some time it will be useful for you.
* Dress appropriately. This shows the employer sincerity on the part of the applicant applying for the job. The outfit worn should be professional.
* Remove your jewelry and tone it down for the interview. Offshore safety regulation is very stringent; wearing jewelry may cause a hazard for you if you are in the offshore job site. The interviewer may give you minus value if you are wearing it.
* Smile and greet the interviewer with a firm (but not bone crushing) hand shake .
* In the session of interview, listen very well to the questions asked. Each must be answered truthfully and confidently to be able to sell yourself to the potential employer.
* If the interviewer gives you time for asking something that not clear, use the time as necessary, ask important thing that you need to know.
* Before the session being ended, ask politely if for interviewers contact detail. You will need it for sending thanks letter.
* Do not forget to thank to the recruiter for the time that was given to meet him and interview time.
* Once you get home, prepare a thank letter and send it as soon as possible.

You can improve your performance once you have face some offshore jobs interviews.

Getting an offshore job is a nice starting career for new graduates since the company will pay you more and for sure above the average. However you should realize that there are many other that become your competitors. Once your cover letter and resume has been selected for further process or you got an invitation letter from the offshore company for interview then you have to prepare it carefully otherwise you will miss it. You have to prepare the answers related to what kind of questions that most likely will be asked and practice it at home so you will be relax during the session. if you find other tips and find offshore jobs, please visit Offshore Jobs Interview Tips [ offshore-jobs-interview-tips].

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