Glance offshore / oil platform fabrication

1). Salaries comparable to the risk of employment. Just imagine working at a height of more than 30 yards can make a poor (oxygen poor, poor effort, poor age ..waaakkzzz).

2). Expertise specific very necessary but limited in the work field only. Especially in company that already settle. All existing procedures and can not develop into another field. But if the position most comfortable high already .... Only sitting government here and there ... .. angry complaints here and there .. here and there ...

3). It can imagine the physical strength of the annual them work, let alone scafold department. Which works to make temporary climbing scafold. In some places .. Lage is comparable with the people who work in the 100 000 DWT tanker.

4). Don't try striving against the white hat, Could be taxable warning. Really structurally tight. Now what if a white hat all the work? Can splashy that ??

5). Should be able to exercise and smoking, eating fast fast, Only half-hour nap. If about cigarettes, not behavior Gudang Garam Here, the most rapid type smoke just like out MaxxxxrO, All kinds of soldiers ...

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