OFFSHORE JOB - Typical Duties of Welding Inspector -Before Welding

Welding Inspection

Stage of Visual inspection (to BS EN 970)
Extend of examination and when required should be defined in
The application standard or by agreement the contracting parties

For high intergrity fabrication inspection required throghout the fabrication process
Before Welding
During Welding
After Welding

Typical Duties of Welding Inspector

Before Welding

Familiarisation with relevant ‘documents’...
. Application Standard/Code – for visual acceptance requiredment
. Drawings – item details and positions/tolerances etc
. Quality Control Procedures – for activities such as material handling,
. Documentation control, storage & issue of welding consumables

Welding Procedures:

. Are applicable to join to be welded & approve
. Are available to welders & Inspectors

Welder Qualification:

. List of available qualified welders related to WPS’s
. Certificates are valid and ‘in – date’


. All inspection equipment is in good condition & calibrated as necessary
. All safety requirements are understood & necessary equipment available


. Can be identified & related to test certificates
. Are of correct dimentions
. Are in suitable condition ( no damages/contaimination


. In accordance with WPS’s
. Are being controlled in accordance with procedures

Weld Preparations:

. Comply with WPS/drawing
. Free from defect & contamination

Welding Equipment:

. In good order & calibrated as required by procedures
Fit – up:
. Complies with WPS
. Number/size of tack welds to Code/good workmanship
. If specified
. Minimum temperature complies with WPS

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