OFFSHORE JOB - Typical Duties of Welding Inspector

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Typical Duties of

Welding Inspector

Main Resposibilities
. Code Compliance
. Workmanship Control
. Documentation Control

Personal Attributes
Important qualities that good Inspectors are expected to have are:
. Honesty
. Intergrity
. Knowledge
. Good communicator
.Physical fitness

Standard For Visual Inspection Basic Requirement
BS EN 970 – Non Destructive examination of fusion weld -
Visual examination

Welding Inspection Persoal Should:
. Be familiar with relevant standards, rules and specification
applicable to the farication work to be undertaken
. Be inform about the welding procedures to be used
. Have good vision (which should be checked every 12 month)

Welding Inpection

Condition for Visual Inspection (to BS EN 970)
. 350 lux minimum required
. (recommends 500 lux – normal shop or office lighting)
Vision Access
. Eye should be within 600mm of the the surface
. Viewing angle (line from eye to surface) to be not less than 30o

Welding Inspection
Stage of Visual inspection (to BS EN 970)
Extend of examination and when required should be defined in
The application standard or by agreement the contracting parties

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