How To Begin Your Career In Offshore Industry

offshoreGretting Offshore..Good Day all.
I has receive a few email from this blog readers,the most of content is asking me
how to finding job in offshore industry?
My dear i give a few tips where is your begin

You must know what is position it suitable for you,for an example if your basic is rigger
you dont apply the another job such as welder/pipe fitter in top site maintenance because
you may not calling for an interview.Because welder/fitter job need a skill or qualification
certificate to apply for this position.You may can  apply a roustabout job for your starting
your carreer in drilling site.

2.Sea Survival and Valid Medical Certificate
This point also important nowday,because on this time so many competitor in Offshore Job Industry.
Before you apply for any job in offshore feild my advise here is better you take this all by yourself sponsor.
So if you got all of relevant certificate i sure,the recruiter company give you more superiority .

3.Submit Resume
On this part is more dificcult if you are in mousy personal category.So my suggest here is you must take the
application form first,and bring and fill it at home. (dont fill it immediately during recieve the form) Make sure
every part is filled correctly.For fast result my advise is directly pass your application form to recruiter personal
or manning department in offshore company.

ok all enough for this time,and i hope you sucess in any type of your job application.

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