JOB OFFSHORE-Typical Duties Of Welding Inspector/During Welding


During Welding
Weather conditions:
. Suitable if site/feild welding
Welding process(es):
. In accordance with WPS
. Is aproved to weld the joint
Pre – heat (if required):
. Minimum temperature as specified by WPS
. Maximum interpass temperature as WPS
Welding consumables:
. In accordance with WPS
. In suitable condition
. Controlled issue and handling
Welding Parameters:
. Current, voltage & travel speed – as WPS
Root Runs:
. If possible, visually inspect root before single – sided


are filled up
Inter – run Dressing:
. In accordance with an approved method (& back goughing) to good workmnship standard
Distortions Control:
. Welding is balanced & over – welding is avoided

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